How it works?

How to shop plastic free with us

-Visit our store or find us at on one of our pop up shops and market stalls,

-Bring your own clean containers: any containers your are happy with and are clean are accepted: glass jars, cotton bags, paper bags, plastic bags, Tupperware boxes, old ice cream boxes; any container that can fit on our scale :)

-we also have recycled paper bags and glass jars available

-the container will be weighted, filled up with a product of your choice and weight again: so you are only paying for the content, not packaging

- enjoy your products and less waste 

Pre - order collections and home deliveries

For pre-order and deliveries all food products will be delivered in recycled glass jars or food-safe paper bags made from 100% recycled paper. You can then transfer them into your containers at home.

If you wish to hand me over your own container prior to placing your first order just drop me an email and I can organise a day and time to collect them.

If you want to place an order for food products simply email us at