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You are already here which means you have your reasons to go zero waste.


I much rather tell you why I have decided to open this humble enterprise. I came across zero waste lifestyle, when I was researching vegan recipes for my sister’s visit. Many bloggers and youtubers were also highlighting ideas for zero waste and I got very curious so I continued my research. I learned how single use plastics are polluting our planet and how excess of waste is getting difficult to manage. I learned how difficult and not profitable most of the plastics are to recycle and how people don’t care what will happen with all the rubbish we put in our bins. I always had a designated recycling bin at home and I was carrying my own bags for shopping, but reading about zero waste lifestyle, especially Bea Johnson, Amber Allen (The Fairly Local Vegan) and Lauren Singer opened my eyes on how much more I can actually do. Not to mention how much money I can save by implementing few simple swaps to limit the waste we produce at home.


I am a mother of two wonderful children and I want to ensure they will grow up to be conscious and responsible. Once I have started my adventure with my partner and the kids it’s been great fun, but also a struggle when it came to grocery shopping. I haven’t found a place within 30 miles from Pitlochry where I could buy pastas, rice, beans, and flour in bulk- a place where I could bring my own container, fill it up, and reuse it each time.
That is why I thought it would be a great idea to open a shop like that in Pitlochry. We are starting small with this online store, local markets, and home deliveries.

Our big plan for 2019 is to have a zero waste shop in Perthshire.

Thanks for your interest in my story and what me and my family are up to - if you want to get involved - please check out our shop and say hello to us next time we are at your local markets- also watch this space as our story continues.


Your sincerely, Kaja

email: info.handam@gmail.com

based in Pitlochry

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